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Master Plan
Jerry breaksdown all matters of sports for the fantasy sports needy. Sometimes the show turns into a hot topic format at a drop of a dime. You have to tune in in order to get in on the scoop of the day.
The Extra Point with Victor Gardner
Vic breaks down the NFL Sunday Schedule as well as any games that took place prior to Monday night. He will also get you prepared for the Monday Night game and push your buttons as he gears you up for Thursday's match-up.

FSP Crew Show

A spin off of FSP's Saturday show Jerry, Jeff and Black host a Thursday night program that covers the week in sports with a concentration on the NFL. The trio is comprised of a Jet's Giant and Cowboy so the conversations about Bill Parcells might be a little funny. The show will have special guest and special features. For more on the FSP Crew go to the "About Us" section and read why these guys are who they are.

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No Chaser w/ Mac Williams and Jerry Taylor
This show promises to bring a great deal of debate on sports, politics and everything in between, and a great deal more. Mac is controversial and Jerry tries to keep him on the level. Tune in for a great time.

Fantasy Sports and Politics
The Fantasy Sports and Politics brand services the needs of the sports fanatic and political enthusiast. The shows on this network are hosted by Victor Gardner, Jerry "The Master" Taylor, Mike  "Black" Wright, Lance "The NFL Exporter" Goodman and Jeff "Da Joker" Goldberg. They all specialize in their various sports, political and spiritual areas and all bring a great deal to the table.