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Fantasy Football Projections Coming in August

Top 10 IDP Defensive Backs according to MRFSP2U via Fantasy Sports and Politics

1. Harrison Smith  has been the most consistent DB in the past 3 years since entering the NFL. He produces as a defender, tackler, and ball hawk. 

2. Johnathan Cyprien  Johnathan is one of the few things that is right in Jax.  He is very much like Smith but because his team is not often in the lead of games, Johnathan is forced to make plays in all aspects of the game.  

3. Reshad Jones

4. Morgan Burnett - Burnett is a ball hawk that likes to tackle. Clinton-Dix makes Burnett's job a little easier and that's why he is so valuable as a DB. There are going to be plenty of opportunities for pass defenses and the like thanks to the Pack's potent O. 

5. Kam Chancler - even though Kam is holding out for more cash, he is a powerful player as a strong safety that plays linebacker on passing downs. 

6. Eric Weddle 

7.  Barry Church - with 104 solo tackles last season, there is a good reason to rank Church so high. Playing for the Cowboys helps as well since teams loved to pass on them as well as run the rock. Look for church to have very similar numbers this season. 

8. Tyvon Branch - leave Oakland was a good thing for Branch. He had a few injury plagued seasons after being a very active and hard hitting safety. The ONLY down side to Branch is that Eric Berry looks like he wont miss a game meaning Branch might not be able to get as many tackles as he normally would. Houston. Ali. Berry. Equals good numbers for Branch, but not to big. 

9. Tyran Mathiau - this player is better suited at the FS position and he excelled at it last season. Some say it was because of the Todd Bowles scheme but this year we will see. Tyran may become a ball hawk more this year than tackler. 

10. T.J. McDonald - in a Greg Williams defense, McDonald flourished. I believe he will continue to do so and may even end up higher on this list by years end. 

Honorable Mentions:

- Eric Berry as stated earlier, looks like he will be back for the season opener and that could mean a place in my top ten.

- Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

- Donte Whitner

- Antrole Rolle

- Brashard Breeland was a great standout for the Redskins last year. He suffered a terrible injury but will return by mid-season, if not earlier.   

Top 10 IDP Linebackers according to MRFSP2U via Fantasy Sports and Politics

1. Luke Kuechly  there is no question as to why he is the number 1 ranked LB in pro football; overall sound and backer who covers and makes a ton of tackles. Very few flaws in his game in real or fantasy worlds.

2. Levonte David could be a very close 1a in all IDP formats. He is what Lovie Smith needs to run the Tampa Two and last year David proved that he can be impactful as "the guy" in the system. Also with Jamis Winston as the QB, Tampa's D might be on the field a lot. 

3. Vontez Burfict  - yes I have him list at 3 because I believe with a healthy D-line and he himself being healthy, Burfict WILL be a dominate force for the Bengals. 

4. Derrick Johnson - there is no doubt in my mind that had Johnson not gotten injured he would have maintained his place in the LB pecking order. For the past 5 years Johnson has been a top 5 LB, check the numbers.

5. C.J. Mosley - After a breakout year last year, Mosley looks to continue his run. Even with Derrik Smith having a solid year last year Mosley out played him, fantasy wise. That will continue this season.

6. Bobby Wagner  with Wagner in the line-up Seattle's run defense is tough. Bobby received a big contract and has injury problems. Not a good recipe for fantasy owners but he is still a top 10 backer.

7. Alec Ogeltree is in a a defense that is very suited for his abilities. With his D-line taking some of his tackles, Alec still performs well. But because of that Dline play I have to place him at number 7.

8. Kiko Alanso  coming off of a bad injury Alonso looks to regain his tackling skills. He will in that Eagles D. 

9. Navarro Bowman  someone coming off of a serious injury, losing practically all of his teammates from two years ago, a different coaching staff and team phylosophy is not good for Bowman. However, he should have plenty of opportunities to make plays. 

10. Paul Posluszny  Yes I have a run on injury returning players but Paul is a tackling machine. He will be the difference in the Jags run D and your IDP play.

 Honorable mention would be as follows:

- Paul Worrilow

- DeAndre Levy

-Mychal Kendricks

- Curtis Lofton

- Sean Lee

- Anthony Barr

Top 10 IDP Defensive Linemen according to MRFSP 2 U via Fantasy Sports and Politics

  1. J.J. Watt - Last season Watt had 20.5 sacks, 59 SOLO tackles, 4 forced fumbles, 10 pass defensed and 2 defensive touchdowns, throw in 3 more offensive TD's and there is no doubt that J.J. is dynamite!!! Watt did all of this from the defensive tackle position.
  2. Cameron Wake - I know some people will be very hesitant to put Wake at number 2. I would say to them that the addition of Suh makes wake more valuable than most IDP DL. The pressure Suh will provide up the middle will allow Wake more 1 on 1's and he will win. If you need an example of my theory look at Ezekil Ansah's number for the past two seasons and he is not in Wakes class.
  3. Robert Quinn - averaging 14 sacks over the last 3 seasons at DT is enough for me but his overall stat line drives his ranking up.
  4. Mario Williams - Rex Ryan system plus added d-line help equals another solid double digit sack year for Williams.
  5. Calalis Campbell - A d-end that averages 50 solo tackles a year and can play inside as well as outside is strong. Place him on the Cardinals defense and you make him even that more valuable.
  6. Carlos Dunlap - Dunlap is a solid find at this position. In a year were Geno Adkins under performed, and the team's leading tackler Vontez Burfit was injured most of the season, Dunlap still had his best year as a pro, minus his sack number. With both Adkins and Burfit returning to form, Dunlap should be projected as a top IDP DL pic. 
  7. Olivier Vernon - Vernon has been overlooked in the past but has provided solid numbers. Like Wake, Vernon looks to improve his overall numbers thanks to the addition of Ndamukong Suh. With Wake and Suh on one side Vernon will most likely only have to fight off a RT blocking him with a chip from the TE to make plays. He has great potential and should be kept on your radar. 
  8. Chandler Jones - Jones is an outstanding DL/OLB who prospered due to the Patriot scheme. With Vince Wilfork now in Texas, Jones will see his production slip a little. Most analyst have Jones in their top 5 however I see him as a solid player who will be productive, but not very productive. 
  9. Ezekiel Ansah -  As stated earlier, Ansah had great success thanks to Suh and Marcell Dareous. I think his numbers will dip with both players no longer in Detroit but still better than some players who are expected to be prime time.
  10. Rob Ninkovich - If anything you could say that Ninkovich is consistent. averaging exactly 8 sacks for the past 3 seasons and roughly 40 solo tackles, Ninkovich is a very reliable player with or without Vince Wolfork in the Pat's line-up.

There are a few players I did not mention based on various circumstance. Most of witch are because they are facing suspension, have been suspended, or have never been stellar FANTASY players. In my opinion you take your chances if you select any of these guys:
Greg Hardy - solid performer and will have good numbers but missing too many games due to suspension.
Jason Piere Paul - Contract issues, and oh he may not have all of his fingers to use thanks to the firecracker situation. 
Mohammad Wilkerson - May not be on the team after he failed to disclose yet another run in with the law AND he is already facing suspension time.
Ndamukong Suh - I know I've praised him throughout the piece but he has never been that effective in fantasy. His name alone draws attention but not someone that needs to be in your weekly fantasy line-up. The numbers just don't add up FANTASY wise. 

Top 25 RB's Rankings According to Jerry "The Master" Taylor via the Master Plan 
  1. Demarco Murray
  2. Eddie Lacy
  3. Leveon Bell – Could easily be #1 pic . 2 game suspension
  4. Marshawn Lynch
  5. Jamaal Charles
  6. C.J. Anderson
  7. Adrian Peterson- 30yrs old and a year off. Whose he gonna be?
  8. Jeremy Hill
  9. Lesean McCo
  10. Arian Foster—29 yrs old and a lot of touches. This could be his decline.
  11. Matt Forte
  12. Mark Ingram
  13. Justin Forsett—Another 30yr old in Marc Trestman’s offense. Big in ppr
  14. Frank Gore
  15. Lamar Miller
  16. Jonathan Stewart—You got a taste of what a healthy Stewart can do in 2014. Health is key. 
  17. Melvin Gordon
  18. Alfred Morris
  19. Carlos Hyde – Gonna be in a RBBC.
  20. Latavius Murray –Watch him come to the spotlight in 2015
  21. T J Yeldon
  22. Andre Ellington
  23. C J Spiller—Darren Sproles role in New Orleans. Should be great in ppr Leagues
  24. Tevin Coleman
  25. Ameer Abdullah


David Sims makes a comeback in TB.

Joseph Randle named #1 going in to training camp

David Cobb only Bishop Sankey to beat out

Tre Mason early on as #1 rb in St Louis. But Gurley is getting healthy

Buck Allen—Forsett is 30 and only 1 good yr. He could surprise. HANDCUFF

Top 25 QB Rankings According to Jerry "The Master" Taylor via the Master Plan 7/12/15

 1. Aaron Rodgers -  Best Qb in the game.2015 MVP

2.  Andrew Luck

3.  Russell Wilson

4.  Peyton Manning -  39 yrs old and Kubiak offense may cause Mannings passing volume  to decrease

5.  Ben Roethisberger 

6.   Matt Ryan

7.  Drew Brees  -  Coach Payton wants to run the ball and Jimmy Graham now plays in Seattle.

8.  Cam Newton

9.  Eli Manning

10. Tom BradySuspension looms on the horizon. Brady's ranking hangs in the balance.

11.  Tony Romo

12.  Ryan Tannehill

13.  Philip Rivers -   Loses Gates for the 1st 4 games but expect a better Keenan Allen  in yr 3 along with the addition of Stevie Johnson.

14.  Matthew Stafford

15.  Sam Bradford

16.  Joe Flacco -  No.1 WR is 36yr old Steve Smith  and WR Breshad Perriman and TE Maxx Williams are rookies.

17. Teddy Bridgewater

18.  Colin Kaepernick

19.  Jameis Winston -  1st yr QB  with a lot of talent to throw to. Now if the offensive line is sound  and Tampa has a running game may surprise. UPSIDE

20.  Carson Palmer

21.  Jay Cutler

22.  Andy Dalton

23.  Marcus Mariota  -  Expect him to struggle 1st yr . Short on top passing weapons.

24.  Alex Smith

25.  Robert Griffin III -  Put up or shut up time.  Jay Gruden will not be patient in yr 2.

Top 20 TE Rankings According to Jerry "The Master" Taylor via the "Master Plan"

1 - Rob Gronkowski  Virtually unstoppable . If you include the playoffs he topped 90 yds receiving and /or scored a td in 15 of 18 games.

2 - Jimmy Graham

3 -Travis Kelce

4 - Greg Olsen -  He topped 1,000, finishing fourth among all tight ends in targets. One of the steadiest pass-catching tight ends in the league.

5 - Martellus Bennett - Bennett has gotten steadily better each season while leading all tight ends in targets. OC Gase made spectacular use of Julius Thomas in Denver, specifically in the  red zone.

6 - Zach Ertz

7 - Julius Thomas

8 - Antonio Gates - In  2014 he finished  fifth among tight ends in catches and seventh in yards. Only Rob Gronkowski scored more fantasy points. Gates is likely to remain undervalued, even coming off a monster year

9 - Jordan Cameron

10 - Jason Witten

11 - Coby Fleener -  Fleener  should offer a low-end TE1 floor with a mid-range TE1 ceiling.  Fleener's role could even expand if Johnson's skills have declined.

12 -  Larry Donnell

13 - Dwayne Allen

14 - Delanie Walker - Walker's 106 targets paced last year's Titans and ranked sixth among NFL tight ends

15 - Josh Hill

16 - Austin Seferian- Jenkins

17- Kyle Rudolph - Rudolph is only 25 years old, and should benefit from the Vikings' new found quarterback stability and Turner's system.  

18 - Heath Miller

 19 - Charles Clay

20 - Owen Daniels -  In a more-balanced offense under run-committed Kubiak, Daniels would do well to flirt with low-end TE1 value and Peyton Manning made Julius Thomas a star.

Top 25 WR Rankings According to Jerry "The Master" Taylor via the "Master Plan"

  1. Dez Bryant
  2. Antonio Brown
  3. Demaryius Thomas New running offense may limit his production but he still has Peyton
  4. Julio Jones
  5. Odell Beckham
  6. Calvin Johnson Top 5 wrs have stepped up their game leaving Megatron here.
  7. A.J. Green
  8. Jordy Nelson
  9. Mike Evans
  10. T.Y. Hilton No. 1 wr in a pass happy offense with top QB
  11. Alshon Jeffrey
  12. Randall Cobb
  13. DeAndre Hopkins No. 1 with Andre Johnson departure. Over 2000 yds receiving in 1st 2 seasons.
  14. Kelvin Benjamin
  15. Emmanuel Sanders
  16. Brandin Cooks No more Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills. Should be top target for Brees
  17. Jordan Matthews
  18. Andre Johnson
  19. Julian Edelman Tom Brady’s top wr target
  20. Desean Jackson
  21. Keenan Allen
  22. Martavis Bryant Big play waiting to happen in a high powered offense. Easily could move up in these rankings.
  23. Brandon Marshall
  24. Sammy Watkins
  25. Golden Tate No 2 option in Detroits passing .

Also like: Amari Cooper, Allen Robinson, Jarvis Landry, Nelson Agholor, Cody Latimer as potential sleepers