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42nd Annual Capital Classic Basketball Event

Gonzaga College High School was the site for this mornings press conference to announce that the 42nd annual Capital Classic will be returning to Washington, D.C. April 24th at Catholic University. Bob Geoghan, the founder of the Capital Classic was in attendance and gave a heartfelt admission about the games origin, struggles, and his own health problems that have kept him from fully running the show in the way that he would like. You have to remember that this was once a very elite Allstar game and is still the longest running high school allstar game in the country. This year with the help of DMVElite CEO Chris Lawson and his staff the parts are in place to get this game back to its national glory. Past alumni of the game also were in attendance including former Georgetown Hoya great and Gonzaga standout Mark Tillman, Tyrone Jones (84 Dunbar high school), and as he would remind you (a member of the Capital Classic "20 point club") Stacy Robinson 75' Dunbar high school. Each guy shared memories of their experience playing and the importance of the game being back in Washington, D.C. DCIAA championship head coach Lawrence Mines from HD Woodson will be coaching the Capital Allstars and the WCAC championship head coach Steve Turner from Gonzaga will be coaching the United States Allstars. Bob Geoghan also touched on the work he has been doing behind the scenes such as lobbying the NCAA to allow players to participate in more than 2 allstar games and raising the limit to 3 or 4. This was the main reason why the cities beloved Kevin Durant wasn't able to participate when he was a senior at Montrose Christian because he played in the McDonald's and Jordan Brand Classic but now that those limits have been lifted we should see more of an uptick in guys coming to play now. Also another rule change that Geoghan pushed for was to allow the game to be played at the Verizon Center. The NCAA rules state that an Allstar game cannot take place on a college campus and we all know that Verizon is home to the Georgetown Hoyas but technically McDonough Arena is Georgetowns home gym. Getting clearance from the NCAA will now allow the game to take place at Verizon Center starting next year barring any unforeseen circumstances. General admission prices are $20.00 with limited VIP seats available go to www.thecapitalclassic.com to order. A portion of the net proceeds will benefit the National Cherry Blossom Festival and the Wounded Warrior Project.